Redefining a Clean Office Environment

It has been two years since the first case of coronavirus, and since then, our lives have changed in so many ways. One of these is the way we perceive and approach cleanliness. Now, it is important to wash hands after everything we do and sanitize things we yet to touch. A physical burden that can have an extra effect on the mental aspect.  

The World Health Organization has made a lot of content regarding how to effectively avoid contamination and infection among businesses, homes, schools, and offices. Here, we list the most important things you need to do to deal with the virus at the office. Take note that it is still important to hire a professional commercial cleaning Derby to make sanitizing and cleaning deep and thorough.  

The WHO emphasized that all employees need to take extra measures in terms of cleanliness even if the coronavirus has still not spread in the surrounding area. This ensures that no one transfers the virus to other individuals and slows down COVID-19. 

1. Ensure that all spaces in the building are hygienic and clean. These include any surfaces in the workplace such as tables, desks, objects like keyboards, telephones, printers. All of these materials should be frequently wiped with alcohol or any antibacterial solutions. This is because all of these objects are the common things that most employees touch and they could serve as carriers of the virus.  

2. All employees should frequently deep wash their hands. The employees include but are not limited to contractors, staff, and even customers. it is important to also provide alcohol or sanitizers in the building especially in those areas where people frequently meet and interact. These sanitizers need to be regularly cleaned and filled. There is also a need to ensure that all of these constituents, including the customers, have complete access to them. When it comes to information, all people in the building need to be informed and reminded of the safety measures and protocols to avoid COVID-19 and this includes providing them posters promoting proper handwashing and other procedures on how to keep oneself clean and sanitized. These need to be posted on the wall so all employees can see them everywhere.  

3. Ensure that everyone is safe from any respiratory problems and keep them hygienic. Make it a policy that everyone that enters the facility needs to wear a facemask. You also need to provide them access to masks and tissue as well as good bins so they can throw their garbage properly.  

4. Inform everyone that whoever has a temperature over 37 degrees Celsius needs to stay at home even if the covid-19 has still not arrived yet in the area. 

5. Always sanitize the building and hire a professional to do it. Professional companies have specialized cleaning materials that you might not have.  

It always starts with simple things in order to avoid contamination and infection as well as spreading the virus to other people. Always make sure that all your employees understand the importance of following the policies and regulations about COVID-19 prevention. 

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